CMAT Syllabus 2024 – Section-wise Syllabus, Weightage, Pattern & Books

09 August, 2023
parthiva mewawala

Common Management Admission Test (CMAT) is a national-level entrance examination for admission to management programs in the country.  The purpose of this test is to select suitable graduate candidates for admission to management courses at affiliated or participating institutions. The CMAT will be conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA). The CMAT syllabus evaluates candidates on logical reasoning, quantitative techniques, data interpretation, general awareness, and comprehension.

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CMAT Syllabus and Sections 


The CMAT Syllabus comprises five sections, including logical reasoning, quantitative techniques and data interpretation, general awareness, language comprehension, and innovation and entrepreneurship. NTA will not release any official CMAT Syllabus on its official website. The authority will mention only the sections that must be included in the CMAT exam syllabus.


The CMAT entrance exam has a total of 100 questions, with 20 questions asked in each section. The CMAT Syllabus 2024 is anticipated to follow the same trend as last year. 


Important topics on the CMAT Exam Syllabus


The key topics covered in the past year’s CMAT exam syllabus are: 

  1. Most of the questions in Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation are based on Arithmetic, Algebra, and Number.
  2. The section on logical reasoning of the CMAT syllabus will include questions asked on topics like coding, decoding, series, and more. 
  3. The language comprehension section will include most of the questions, which are usually based on vocabulary and RC passages. 
  4. The general awareness section comprises questions from static and current affairs. 
  5. The section on innovation and entrepreneurship was added in 2021. The questions asked were based on topics like GK. 


Sections on CMAT 2024 syllabus

  1. CMAT Exam Syllabus for Logical Reasoning 


This section of the CMAT Syllabus for logical reasoning includes 20 questions in all. In In the logical reasoning section, the students are assessed for their logical thinking and verbal/reasoning ability. The logical reasoning section of the CMAT Syllabus 2024 includes topics ranging from verbal reasoning, analytical reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning. 


The important concepts covered in this section of the CMAT Syllabus for logical reasoning are: 


CMAT Syllabus 2024 – Logical Reasoning


Analytical ReasoningVerbal ReasoningNon-Verbal Reasoning
Linear Arrangements

Circular Arrangements

Matrix Arrangements

Blood Relationship

Coding and decoding

Numerical puzzles

Number and Alphabet Series

Direction and Distance


Order and Ranking


Course of Action


Statement Assumptions

Statements and Conclusion

Statements and Arguments

Cause and Effects

Strong and Weak arguments

Visual Reasoning


CMAT Exam Syllabus – Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation 


There are a total of 20 MCQ questions in the quantitative aptitude and data interpretation section of the CMAT 2024 syllabus. This section is divided under the headings geometry, arithmetic, number systems, algebra, and modern maths. 


The key topics of the CMAT Syllabus are as follows. Below is the CMAT analysis from last year to get an idea of how difficult the exam is.

CMAT Syllabus for Quantitative Techniques
ArithmeticAlgebraNumber SystemModern MathsGeometry and Mensuration
Time and Work


Simple Interest and Compound Interest


Mixtures and Allegations

Speed, Time, and Distance

Ratios and Proportion

Profit, Loss, and Discount

Unitary Method



Linear Equations

Quadratic Equations



Indices and surds


Last Digit

Set Theory

Permutation and Combination


Coordinate Geometry

2-D and 3-D Mensuration

Lines and Angles






CMAT Syllabus for Data Interpretation 

Below is the list to give you an idea of the detailed CMAT syllabus for Data Interpretation. 

  1. Caselet-based data 
  2. Tables 
  3. Line graphs 
  4. Bar graphs 
  5. Stacked charts 
  6. Pie charts. 


CMAT S syllabus 2024 – Language Comprehension 


The section on language comprehension comprises 20 questions. The CMAT syllabus for language comprehension includes questions on vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension. 


The CMAT syllabus covers the following topics for language and comprehension:

  1. Synonyms and Antonyms 
  2. Reading Comprehension 
  3. Grammar/Vocabulary based fill in the blanks 
  4. Error Spotting 
  5. English usage errors 
  6. One-word substitution 
  7. Idioms and phrases 
  8. Sentence correction 
  9. Para jumbles 
  10. Foreign language words used in English 


CMAT Exam Syllabus – Innovation and Entrepreneurship


The CMAT Innovation and Entrepreneurship section was first introduced in CMAT 2021. This was an optional section in CMAT 2021 and included 25 questions. Meanwhile, in CMAT 2022, the section was made compulsory and included 20 questions.


The CMAT Syllabus for Innovation and Entrepreneurship includes topics that test the entrepreneurial skills of the aspirants. 


Below is the detailed CMAT syllabus for entrepreneurship and innovation 


The CMAT Innovation and Entrepreneurship section:

  1. Entrepreneur- Definition, Types 
  2. Concepts of Innovation 
  3. Innovation Framework 
  4. Theories of Entrepreneurship 
  5. Entrepreneurship Challenges 
  6. Types of Entrepreneurs 
  7. Role of the Government in Promoting Entrepreneurship 
  8. The legal structure of start-ups 
  9. Marketing and growth strategy 
  10. Funding of start-ups 


CMAT –  GK Syllabus 

The GK Syllabus section is slightly different from other MBA exams like IIFT and CAT. This section does follow a fixed CMAT Syllabus. The questions are asked from topics including current affairs and static GK. 


Below are some key topics of CMAT GK Syllabus 2024:


CMAT Syllabus for GK 

Static GK 





Books and Authors 

Important Days 

Indian Polity 

Art and Culture 


Current Affairs 


Business and Economy 

National and International Affairs 




Science and Technology. 


CMAT 2023 Exam Pattern: 

The CMAT exam pattern will help students prepare for the CMAT 2024 exam, and the same is mentioned below: 


Mode of the Exam: Computer-based 

Type of Queries: Objective or MCQ 

Period of exam: 180 minutes 

Number of Questions: 100. Each question will have 25 

Total marks: 400 marks 

CMAT Marking scheme 

+4 for each correct answer
-1 for each wrong answer


Section-wise weightage for CMAT 2024 syllabus 

The below table exhibits the section-wise weightage of the CMAT 2024 Syllabus: 

SectionsNo.of QuestionsMarks
Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation2080
Logical Reasoning2080
Language Comprehension2080
General Awareness2080
Innovation & Entrepreneurship2080

Top books to cover CMAT Syllabus 2024


Below is the name of the best book recommended, as well as its section and author/publisher:


Section Book Author/Publisher
Logical ReasoningA Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal ReasoningR S Agarwal
Quantitative Techniques and Data InterpretationQuantitative Aptitude for Competitive ExaminationsAbhijit Guha
Quantitative AptitudeR S Agarwal
General AwarenessManorama Year BookMalayala Manorama
Innovation and EntrepreneurshipFundamental of Entrepreneurship DevelopmentDr. Prof. (Dr). Moloy Ghoshal
Language ComprehensionWren & Martin High School English Grammar And Composition BookWren and Martin
How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for the CAT. Arun Sharma

Other best books recommended 

  1. CMAT Entrance Exam Guide 
  2. The Complete Reference Manual CMAT 2023
  3. CMAT Solved Papers (Yearwise) with 5 Online Practice Tests 
  4. Study Package for CMAT 

Changes in CMAT Syllabus 


CMAT exam pattern was revised by the exam conducting body NTA in 2022. There was a compulsory section on entrepreneurship and innovation. CMAT 2021 introduced a 25-question optional section for this section. In 2023, the CMAT exam syllabus remained the same. There will be a similar CMAT exam syllabus 2024 for the upcoming CMAT entrance exam 2024.

Tips and Strategies to Prepare for CMAT Exam Syllabus 


Below are some tips that will help aspirants prepare for the CMAT Exam Syllabus and ensure a thorough understanding.


  1. Practice past year’s papers to get familiar with the type of questions asked and the difficulty level of the exam.
  2. Keep a journal and jot down difficult words while preparing for sections like language comprehension in CMAT Syllabus. Prior to the exam day, review them.
  3. Candidates should enhance their habit of reading newspapers for the CMAT GK Syllabus. In addition to enhancing your vocabulary, it will also help you in the language comprehension section. 
  4. Aspirants should practice more while preparing for the CMAT exam syllabus for quantitative techniques and data interpretation. Make use of formulas and tricks to help you answer the questions quickly.
  5. Refer to the basics of entrepreneurship while preparing for the innovation and entrepreneurship section. The questions in CMAT 2021 tended to focus on the GK side of Entrepreneurship. Hence, candidates should familiarize themselves with basic terminology, such as government schemes that provide funds to start-ups. 
  6. The candidates should practice mock and online tests to prepare for the logical reasoning section of CMAT Syllabus 2024. 

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Eligibility criteria for CMAT examination: 

  1. Candidates should hold a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline. 
  2. Those appearing in their final year of Bachelor’s degree, whose results will be released before the start of the admissions for 2023-24, can also apply for CMAT 2024.
  3. Candidates should be a citizen of India, and there is no age restriction in CMAT 2023. 

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FAQs on CMAT Syllabus 2024 


1. Does the CMAT syllabus change each year? 

The CMAT exam syllabus depends on the pattern of the CMAT exam of that year. In CMAT 2021, the optional section on innovation and entrepreneurship was introduced, and it was included in the syllabus also. But in the years 2022 and 2023, this section was covered as a compulsory section in the CMAT exam syllabus. 

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2. What are the sections of CMAT Syllabus 2024? 

There are five sections in the CMAT Syllabus 2024 comprising data interpretation and quantitative techniques, logical reasoning, general awareness, language comprehension, innovation, and entrepreneurship.


3. Is CMAT and CAT syllabus the same? 

The CAT and CMAT syllabus are not the same. 


4. What is CMAT – GK Syllabus? 

The CMAT GK Syllabus includes questions from any topic related to current affairs and static GK. The CMAT GK syllabus is not defined. The few topics that it includes are books, the latest awards, science and technology, and important dates. 


5. What is the best way to complete the CMAT detailed syllabus while working? 

The students should ensure that they have a proper strategy to ace the CMAT exam in order to complete the CMAT detailed syllabus while working. Before starting the preparation, study topics that are difficult and understand the CMAT exam syllabus. 


6. What is the CMAT Maths syllabus for 2024? 

The CMAT Maths syllabus 2024, comprising quantitative techniques and a data interpretation section, includes topics like algebra, arithmetic, number systems, modern maths, tables, charts, and geometry. 


7. Which best books are available to cover CMAT Syllabus for language comprehension? 

The best books to cover CMAT Syllabus for language comprehension are Wren and Martin (Grammar). The candidates can also read newspapers and novels to improve their vocabulary.


8. How many days are needed to cover CMAT Exam Syllabus completely? 

The aspirants should keep a minimum of 4-5 months aside to complete the CMAT syllabus since there are five subjects and multiple topics. But, if you have taken CAT and IIFT, you can complete the CMAT syllabus in two months.