How to prepare for IPMAT 2024 (IIM Indore): A Comprehensive Guide to Success

27 January, 2024
parthiva mewawala

The Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test (IPMAT) conducted by the Indian Institute of Management Indore (IIM Indore) is a gateway to one of the most prestigious management programs in the country. Aspiring to crack the IPMAT requires strategic planning, dedicated preparation, and a clear understanding of the exam pattern. In this article, we will delve into the key aspects of how to prepare for IPMAT 2024 (IIM Indore) test helping you navigate the challenges, and secure a coveted seat in this esteemed institution.

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Understanding the IPMAT 2024 (IIM Indore) Exam Pattern:


The first step towards success in any competitive exam is a thorough understanding of its pattern and structure. The IPMAT Indore test is divided into three sections: Quantitative Ability- MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions), Quantitative Ability- SA (Short Answers), and Verbal Ability (VA). Candidates must excel in all the sections to secure a high overall score.


The Quantitative Ability section assesses a candidate’s proficiency in mathematics, including topics such as Algebra, Arithmetic, Numbers and Statistics. On the other hand, the Verbal Ability section evaluates language comprehension and proficiency in English grammar along with Vocabulary. Each section has a time limit of 40 minutes, emphasising the importance of time management during the exam.


SectionNo. of questionsDuration
Quantitative Ability (MCQ)3040 minutes
Quantitative Ability (SA)1540 minutes
Verbal Ability4540 minutes
Total90120 minutes


Understanding the IPMAT 2024 (IIM Indore) Cut-offs: 

This is the most critical sub-point in this article about how to prepare for IPMAT 2024 (IIM Indore). Understanding the cut-offs enables us to correctly estimate the effort required both before and during the exam. Let us have a look at the past year cut offs section-wise 

IPMAT Indore 2023


SectionNo. of questions (marks)TimeCut-offsGood Attempt
QA (SA)15 (60)40 minutes126+
QA (MCQ)30 (120)40 minutes3915+
VA45 (180)40 minutes12540+


IPMAT Indore 2022


SectionNo. of questions (marks)TimeCut-offsGood Attempt
QA (SA)15 (60)40 minutes208+
QA (MCQ)30 (120)40 minutes4315+
VA45 (180)40 minutes11235+


A glance at the latest cut-offs paints a vivid picture of the section-wise difficulty levels as well as what most students have been able to do or rather not do. 


  1. The QA (SA) section has 15 questions to be answered in 40 minutes, but the cut-off is a mere 12 marks. This means that even if students get 5-6 questions correct, they can clear the cut-off. 
  2. The story for the QA-MCQ section is similar. One just needs to attempt 15 questions, and even with 80% accuracy, clearing the cut-off won’t be an issue. 
  3. The story is quite different when it comes to the VA section. Historically, This has been the easiest section, so the students must score quite high to clear the cut-off.     


How to prepare for IPMAT 2024 (IIM Indore)?


Creating a Balanced Study Plan:


A well-structured study plan is the backbone of successful exam preparation. The Study Plan needs to be balanced to ensure equitable time is given to Grade XII preparations and IPMAT Indore preparations. Start by assessing your strengths and weaknesses in each subject. Devote more time to areas where you feel less confident while ensuring that you maintain and enhance your strengths.


Divide your study plan into daily, weekly, and monthly milestones for each subject. Allocate specific time slots for each section, ensuring complete syllabus coverage. Regular revisions are crucial to reinforce concepts and improve retention. Importantly, incorporate breaks into your schedule to prevent burnout and maintain focus.


Utilising Resources:


The IMS IPMAT Classroom Program Courseware is complete in terms of the variety and quantity of questions that need to be solved to master the concepts. Start with watching the pre-class videos to reinforce the basics, then go to class exercises, move on to Practice exercises, then attempt the Benchmarking tests for each chapter and finally attempt the Module tests at the end of each module. This flow, if followed, will ensure proper all-round preparation for all three subjects. Solve previous years’ question papers to understand the exam pattern and identify common question types.


One-on-One faculty sessions can clarify doubts and offer valuable insights. Make the most of these resources to build a strong foundation and gain confidence in tackling different types of questions.


Practising Mock Tests:


Mock tests are an indispensable component of how to prepare for IPMAT 2024 (IIM Indore). They simulate the actual exam environment and help you assess your performance under time constraints. Early Test-taking helps in the following ways : 

  1. Build physical endurance: Students should not tire of sitting in one place for 120 minutes. 
  2. Build Mental endurance: Habituating the brain to be active and at its peak till the 120th minute of the exam. This is quite crucial as students tend to zone out or become mentally tired after 1 or 2 sections. 
  3. Implementing test-taking strategies: Mocks are the best playground to test various test-taking strategies. Write enough mocks so that the different strategies are not only experimented with but the right one is also mastered. 
  4. Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses: Students must test themselves under the test conditions to determine the subjects/chapters they are good at or the subjects/chapters they need to work on. 


Review each mock test thoroughly, analysing the correct and incorrect answers. Understand the rationale behind each solution and learn from your mistakes. Fine-tune your study plan based on the insights gained from mock tests, focusing on areas that need improvement.

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Improving Time Management:


Effective time management is a crucial factor in cracking the IPMAT Indore test. Since each section has a sectional time limit, practising solving questions within the stipulated time is essential to enhance your speed and accuracy.


Develop a strategy for each section, such as tackling more straightforward questions first and returning to the more challenging ones later. In Verbal, finding and attempting the Vocab questions or ParaJumbles first and then attempting RC is the right way to go. No strategy is entirely effective or ineffective for all. Students need to try different approaches in mocks and figure out what works for them and what does not. Time management skills will not only help you complete the exam on time but also contribute to higher accuracy.


Strengthening Conceptual Understanding:


Rather than focusing solely on memorisation, aim to build a solid conceptual understanding of each topic. The IPMAT Indore test assesses not only your ability to solve problems but also your grasp of fundamental concepts. Develop a habit of breaking down complex problems into simpler components and understanding the underlying principles.


Seek clarification for any doubts or concepts that you find challenging. Utilise your Mentor’s help to get expert guidance. A solid conceptual foundation will not only aid you in solving problems quickly but also in approaching unfamiliar questions with confidence.


Effective Revision:


As the exam date approaches, allocate sufficient time for revision. Review key concepts, formulas, and problem-solving techniques. Focus on your weak areas and ensure you have a solid grasp of the fundamentals.


Create summary notes or flashcards to aid quick revision. Practice regular mock tests during this phase to reinforce your time management skills and build confidence. The final weeks leading up to the exam should be dedicated to fine-tuning your preparation and entering the examination hall with a calm and focused mind.


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Remember, success in the IPMAT is not just about scoring high but also about demonstrating your analytical and problem-solving skills. With the right how to prepare for IPMAT 2024 (IIM Indore) strategy you can approach the exam confidently and pave the way to a successful management career at IIM Indore.

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All the best, and Happy Studying 🙂