IPMAT Verbal Ability Preparation Tips 2024 – Key Strategies to Crack VA

21 January, 2024
parthiva mewawala

The IPMAT exam has become a popular route for students looking to get into the management stream early in their lives. The dual IPM degree from renowned IIMs, such as Indore and Rohtak, provides students with a more holistic management education. But with over 30k students vying for just 690 seats, the competition to get a seat is high —. Often, most students disproportionately focus only on the Quant and logical reasoning sections, leaving little time for Verbal. This puts them at a disadvantage because IPMAT Indore gives 50% weightage to Verbal and has a strict sectional cut-off. Even IPMAT Rohtak puts significant emphasis on Verbal scores. 

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If you prepare correctly, using the IPMAT Verbal Ability preparation tips we’ve written below, you can capitalise on this massive score-boosting opportunity. 


But before we get there, let’s first understand the pattern and IPMAT verbal ability syllabus to understand better how to approach this. 

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IPMAT Verbal Ability Syllabus 

In IPMAT Rohtak, Verbal Ability accounts for 40 questions, each worth four marks. Students have 40 minutes to attempt it and lose one mark for every incorrect answer. For IPMAT Indore, students get 40 minutes to attempt 50 questions with the same marking scheme as IPMAT Rohtak. 


IPMAT Rohtak Verbal Ability Syllabus 


  • Vocabulary 
  • Sentence correction 
  • Logical consistency 
  • Conjunctions
  • Reading comprehension 
  • Sentence completion 
  • Deductive reasoning 
  • Tenses
  • Grammar 
  • Correct usage of words and phrases
  • Inference based passages 
  • Modifiers and parallelism 
  • Sentence rearrangement 
  • Verbal analogies 
  • Prepositions 
  • Noun and pronoun errors

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IPMAT Indore Verbal Ability Syllabus 




  • Synonyms 
  • Antonyms 
  • Spelling errors 
  • Idioms and phrases 
  • Foreign words 
  • One word substitution 
  • Word usage 
  • Odd one out




  • Noun
  • Verb
  • Direct and indirect speech 
  • Tenses
  • Active and passive voice 
  • Subject-verb agreement 
  • Error-spotting 
  • Pronoun 
  • Adverb 
  • Figures of speech
  • Etymology and roots
  • Prepositions 
  • Conjunctions 
  • Phrasal verbs 
  • Articles 
  • Deductive reasoning 


Verbal ability 


  • Para jumbles
  • Sentence improvement 
  • Analogies 


Reading comprehension 


  • Word meaning 
  • Inference based questions
  • Assumption based questions 

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Level of Difficulty of IPMAT Verbal Ability 


  • The difficulty level of the verbal section of IPMAT Rohtak is at par with the most popular BBA entrance exams. It usually tests direct vocabulary and communication questions, which can be attempted relatively easily. 
  • IPMAT Indore is a notch higher. The Verbal section is closer to CAT in difficulty than it is to BBA entrances. It tests contextual understanding of vocabulary, which can require tons of practice. 


IPMAT Verbal Ability Preparation Tips 


The reading comprehension questions require a three-pronged approach – you must brush up on your reading, speaking, and writing skills to tackle the passages. 


Reading skills

Passages can be long, convoluted, and tedious. You’ll need daily reading practice to acquaint you with speed reading and memory reading skills. 


You can start with non-fiction books. Newspapers, magazines, and blogs are a good bet too. Editorials from leading dailies and essays from aeon.co can help you improve your speed, retention, and comprehension. 


Writing skills

Make it a habit to translate each essay and editorial into small passages written by you that reflect your understanding of the central thesis and supporting arguments presented in the material. This will teach you to quickly distil the critical value markers, arrange them logically, and reference them to answer questions based on them. This habit will also test your ability to understand challenging pieces of writing. 


Speaking skills

While your speaking won’t be directly tested until the PI stage, it’s good to have a solid grasp of fluency and lexicon. Reading the pieces aloud, engaging in English conversations, and making it a habit to think in English are three steps to get you there. 


Practising reading comprehension 


Those looking for free resources can comb through the passages that a simple Google search on reading comprehension practice passages shows up. Find passages that align with the expected difficulty level of the IPMAT exam. If you’re looking at GMAT passages, find ones that are at par with a comprehension level of 550-680 GMAT score. The GMAT Club Forum has several free passages for you to try out at this level. 


But if you’re looking for a more organised practice that takes you strategically from one step to the next, consider joining a leading coaching program like the one at IMS. IMS has a comprehensive classroom as well as a live online program for IPM Indore and IPM Rohtak 2024 aspirants. With over 100 live classes and 115 full-length mock tests, the IMS IPM BBA programs will equip you with all the skills required to do well not just on the Verbal but also the Quant, logical reasoning, WAT, and PI. 


Para jumbles 


Para jumbles refer to questions with many sentences that need to be reordered logically. These questions are tested as MCQs and also as short answer questions. 


All you need to do for the MCQ ones is choose the option with the correct order of sentences. 


For the short answer or Type in the Answer format, you’ll need to enter the most suitable sequence of the sentences into the text box without any choices to pick from. 


You can refer to the material available on the GMAT Club to prepare for them.




A sturdy extensive vocabulary will empower you to deal with several types of questions without breaking a sweat. Synonyms, Antonyms, analogies etc., all require a good grasp of high-value vocabulary. 


Apart from reading books and essays, you can also read through Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis. 


Gather all your new words in different lists and call cards for easy practice on the go. Many apps are also available online explicitly designed to teach you new words. 




Depending on your current skill level, you can either pick up the Wren and Martin Grammar book or VARC by Arun Sharma. 


The former is for students who have yet to build a solid base in English, and the latter is for those who only want to practise exam-relevant questions. 

Due to the massive influx of new applications, the IPM Indore exam is only getting more challenging every year. The more competitive it gets, the harder you’ll need to prepare. While these IPMAT Verbal Ability preparation tips will give you a head start, in such situations, it is better to have access to a mentor who can guide you, help you frame the right strategies, and give you insider tips and tricks. At IMS, both our live online as well as classroom programs include six one-on-one strategy sessions with experienced mentors. These sessions can be used to analyse mock tests, understand concepts, devise test-taking strategies, or track your progress. Just fill out the form here to talk to one of our Education Advisors and understand how IMS can help you crack the IPMAT exam.

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