IPMAT Indore vs IPMAT Rohtak – What are the Differences Between the Two?

19 January, 2024
parthiva mewawala
ipmat indore vs ipmat rohtak

IPMAT, first conducted in 2011 by IIM Indore, has quickly turned into the chosen pathway to the elusive MBA and IIM tag for thousands of students. Every year, the number of applicants keeps increasing as students line up to leverage the career advantages offered by the five-year integrated management and leadership program. While several colleges have begun offering bespoke IPM degrees, students usually vie for a seat in the two premier IIMs – IPMAT Indore vs. IPMAT Rohtak. 

Both fine institutions have the resources students can use to catapult their management careers down the line. But the entrance tests as well as the courses themselves have some profound differences that need to be accounted for. Only after understanding the differences, can students make an informed decision and choose the right college for their goals. 


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IPMAT Indore vs IPMAT Rohtak 

In this section we’ll be covering the many differences between the entrance exams – IPMAT Indore vs IPMAT Rohtak. 

Exam pattern

The IPMAT Indore exam is divided into three sections:


  • Quantitative Ability – This is the MCQ section, with 30 questions to be answered in 40 minutes. 
  • Quantitative Ability – This is the written short answer section with 15 questions to be answered in 40 minutes. 
  • Verbal Ability – This section has 45 questions with 40 minutes to attempt them all. 


The quant section of IPMAT Indore largely stems from 11th and 12th standard maths which makes it significantly tougher than the quant section of IPMAT Rohtak. Students get a total of 2 hours to attempt 90 questions. 

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IPMAT Rohtak is divided into the following sections:


  • Quantitative Ability
  • Logical reasoning 
  • Verbal ability 


Each section has 40 questions with no sectional time limits. Students have 2 hours to attempt all the questions. 

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The marking scheme for both the exams is the same – +4 for right answers and – 1 for the wrong ones. 



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S. No. Quantitative AbilityVerbal ability
1Number system Etymology and roots
2Averages and percentages Idioms and phrases
3Roots, indices, surdsAnalogies
4Simple and compound interestAntonyms and Synonyms
5Profit and lossForeign words 
6Algebraic formulaNoun and pronoun errors
7Linear and quadratic equationsSubject-verb agreement
8Ratio and proportion Prepositions and conjunctions
9Partnership Tenses, modifiers, and parallelisms 
10Mixtures and alligations Reading comprehension
11Time, speed, and distance Inference-based passages
12Work related problemsSyllogism
13Pipes and cisterns Logical consistency
14GeometryDeductive reasoning
15Polygons, circles, and mensuration 
16Permutations, combinations, and probability
19Integration and differentiation 




S. No. Quantitative Ability Logical ReasoningVerbal Ability
1Number system Inferences and judgementsEtymology and roots
2Averages and percentages Logical sequence seriesIdioms and phrases
3Roots, indices, surdsCodingAnalogies
4Simple and compound interestArrangementsAntonyms and Synonyms
5Profit and lossCubes and dicesForeign words 
6Algebraic formulaBlood relationsNoun and pronoun errors
7Linear and quadratic equationsInput and outputSubject-verb agreement
8Ratio and proportion Venn diagramsPrepositions and conjunctions
9Partnership Binary logicTenses, modifiers, and parallelisms 
10Mixtures and alligations Syllogism Reading comprehension
11Time, speed, and distance Statements and conclusionsInference-based passages
12Work related problemsStatements and assumptionsSyllogism
13Pipes and cisterns Probably true and falseLogical consistency
14GeometryStrong and weak argumentsDeductive reasoning
15Polygons, circles, and mensuration Course of action
16Permutations, combinations, and probabilityAssertions and reasons
17Determinants Critical reasoning
19Integration and differentiation 


Eligibility for colleges

The IPMAT Rohtak exam only makes you eligible for IIM Rohtak whereas the IIM Indore exam scores can also be used to apply to NALSAR, IIM Ranchi, IIFT, and Nirma University amongst other colleges. 

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Selection process

The selection process can vary from year to year. But the usual outlook is this:


  • IPMAT Indore – IIM Indore doesn’t look at past academics during the selection process. Instead, it focuses on the WAT and PI scores of the shortlisted candidates. 35% Weightage is given to the interview while the rest is given to the IPMAT exam. 
  • IPMAT Rohtak – IIM Rohtak uses past academics as a crucial factor during the selection process. Students who wish to crack this test need to make sure that they score well in all three – past academics, IPMAT, and the online PI. 


The competition for IPMAT Indore is significantly higher than for IPMAT Rohtak right now. This is due to many reasons. IIM Indore is an old, established IIM with a solid reputation amongst students and employers alike. It is ranked 7th in the country and stands at par with the top IIMs in terms of placements and packages. With only 150 seats for over 50,000 applicants, the selection rate is very low. Moreover, their entrance exam is more difficult and requires concerted preparation for several months. 


On the other hand, IIM Rohtak has 180 seats with fewer applicants vying for their seats. The exam is rated to be easier than its counterpart. Lastly, it’s still a newer IIM with the first IPM batch passing out in 2024. 

Apart from the quant section of IIM Indore, the rest of the paper is very similar. But without access to the right study material, mock tests, and guidance, students can find it hard to prepare. The IMS IPM Indore Classroom 2025 program is a rigorous yet comprehensive course that provides over 600 hours of learning, more than 5000 practice questions, 300+ practice and mock tests, and 6 one-on-one mentoring sessions. It has been designed for aspirants who want to enrol in a single course that covers the syllabi of IPMAT Indore, IPMAT Rohtak, NPAT, SET, and other entrances.